Meet Dj Nikki

DJ Nikki
FROM a house wife to a radio presenter, Nicola Dora popularly known as Nikki the Star FM presenter, made it seem normal and is spurred by the phrase “go-getter” that seem to be written all over her. 

Sunday Leisure caught up with Nikki during the radio’s recent tour of Bulawayo where she narrated how she got into broadcasting.
Like anyone else, the mother of one said she saw an article in a newspaper three years ago while at church and decided to give it a try.
“I saw an article in a newspaper at church advertising for the auditions. I went for the auditions which had more than 1 500 people. At that time my daughter who is five now, was two years old. I went with her. I remember asking Kudzai Violet Guwara (KVG) who by then was a total stranger to me, to hold my baby while it was my turn to go for my auditions. Surprisingly I got in. I got the job that day,” said Nikki.
Nikki told Sunday Leisure that she has an understanding husband who appreaciates the demands of her job. She noted that she used to get nervous during her first days as a presenter.  “I used to wake up early so that by 5 am I would be in the studio alone to practice because I was very nervous,” she said.  Besides radio presenting, Nikki has a lot that she is working on. She recently opened her own blog and is also a voice artiste while pursuing her journalism career. Unbelievably, she is on the praise and worship team at her church which she said she takes seriously.
“I do not drink and smoke, I did not allow the system to change me that’s why it is unbelievable that I do not drink. There are times in life when you have to draw a line and tell yourself that you are not doing certain things in order to be who you are. Well, with me it is drinking. I told myself I don’t have to,” she said.
The radio presenter boldly added that she is crazily in love with her job and appreciates it because it has opened a lot of doors for her.
“I love my job. It makes me forget my troubles and allows me to speak to my Zimbabwe. I love being the voice people listen to when waking up in the morning. But mostly, I believe I am there to make a change because I love society,” she said.
The enthusiastic presenter further added that society expects so much from people like her who are in the public eye, especially being role models and not making mistakes.
“The society is harsh, it expects so much from people like me, who are in the public eye, it’s like we are not human beings, we are not expected to make mistakes. But let me also take this opportunity to tell the world that we are humans too and we do make mistakes,” said Nikki.
Nikki added that she believes that the radio industry in Zimbabwe is growing since many radio stations are being given licences and a positive change has been noted.

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